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HIST 96.39 Saints and Relics in the Middle Ages

This course surveys the critical role and importance of saints – and their remains (relics) – in medieval European history, from the rise of Christianity to the eve of the Reformation. The saints were the link between the human and the divine, and after their death they continued to play an active role in the affairs of the world. Their remains (relics) were powerful, valuable commodities that were revered, bought, and traded; for which the great cathedrals were built; and to which the faithful travelled for thousands of miles, on pilgrimage. Study of saints and their relics permits evaluation of faith, belief, narrative, ritual, art and aesthetics, materiality, gender, ideology, power, and politics throughout the Middle Ages.

Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:SOC; WCult:W

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Department-Specific Course Categories

Class of 2023 and Before Major Dist: EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800; Class of 2024 and Beyond Major Dist: EUR, premodern.