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WGSS 66.19 Eroticism, Love and Sensuality in Hispanic Film

The contemporary topics to be studied in this course should be approached with an open mind and with the willingness to challenge our prior knowledge of the concepts.  In order to do so, critical thinking is of the utmost importance.  In this context, critical thinking implies the ability to question and destabilize most—if not all—of our preconceived ideas about eroticism, love, and sexualityu that are no longer functional, i.e., that do not help us better understand society and our fellow citizens.  As we explore a variety of subfields within contemporary Hispanic film, the course will offer you a set of conceptual tools that will help you deconstruct some of the symbolic foundations of our existence.  The course will address a series of topics ranging from: identifying ways that "personal choice" sometimes poses as a way of implementing one, single, heteronormative, monogamous, sex/gender morally safe model of behavior; thinking about the historicity of the normative, the deviant, or the perverse; discovering that the intersectional framing of gender creates an avenue for strong political and existential alliances; and making sure that the identities that fall under the umbrella of the Queer Nation (LGTBiQ peoples) do not become a label of marginality but instead get universalized as a mode of praxis that expands those borders, hence our study of love in relation to monstruosity, ageing, queer identities, prostitution, and pornography under this paradigm.

Cross Listed Courses

SPAN 50.05

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Dist:ART; WCult:W

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