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WGSS 66.18 Hybrid Literatures, Hybrid Selves: Asian American and Asian Diasporic Productions

“Hybridity” often describes the blend of different elements and themes from multiple literary genres. In Immigrant Acts, Lisa Lowe defines “hybridity” as “the history of survival within relationships of unequal power and domination” (67). According to Lowe, multidimensional lived experiences and survival strategies emerge when we investigate the antagonisms and alliances of empire, state, and capital. As a result, “hybridity” does not only gesture to multigenre literature, but also to the intersectional identities and complex lived experiences we hold, the emergence of polyvocal, multisensory, and experimental productions, performances, and utterances we create as a testament to survival. Together, we will explore Asian American and Asian Diasporic productions of “hybridity” and investigate how poets, writers, and artists create new worlds and alternate ways of being through art and thought.

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Dist:ART; WCult:CI

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