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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2023-24

Science and Technology Studies

Affiliated faculty: D. L. Anthony, D. T. Bolger, L. E. Conkey, M. R. Dietrich, N. K. Frankenberry, V. Fuechtner, M. Gleiser, A. V. Koop, R. L. Kremer, J. V. Kulvicki, J. H. Moor, A. L. Roskies, S. Suh.

Science and Technology Studies (STS) provides a curricular and extracurricular focus for students and faculty seeking to examine the historical, philosophical, and social traditions that have shaped the construction of science and technology, and the effects of science and technology on other intellectual, social, and political activities.

STS is not a department or a program, and does not offer a major. Rather, it identifies a core of Dartmouth faculty (Arts and Sciences, plus the professional schools) interested in the history, philosophy, or social relations of science and technology, and the interdisciplinary courses they offer in these areas. The faculty may also arrange extracurricular activities related to the content of these courses.