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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2023-24

Physical Education

Haldeman Family Interim Director of Athletics and Recreation: Michael Harrity

Joann Brislin, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Physical Education and Recreation; Heather Somers, Associate Athletic Director Clubs Sports and Intramurals.

Temporary Adjustment to the Physical Education Requirement

Due to extenuating circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including impacts on students' schedules and ongoing concerns about virus transmission, the College has revised the Physical Education (PE) requirements for students graduating in the 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024, and 2024-2025 academic years as follows:

2022-2023 academic year: All PE requirements are waived for students graduating in 2022 summer, 2022 fall, 2023 winter, and 2023 spring. For students in the class of 2023 and earlier, this wavier has been extended through 2024 winter. 

2023-2024 academic year:  The swim test has been waived for students graduating in 2023 summer, 2023 fall, 2024 winter and 2024 spring. The number of required PE courses has been reduced to 1 PE courses for students graduating in these terms.*

2024-2025 academic year: The swim test has been waived for students graduating in 2024 summer, 2024 fall, 2025 winter and 2025 spring. Students graduating in these terms are required to complete 2 PE courses.*

*Note the above adjustments are contingent upon the student's graduation term, not class year.

Starting with those who matriculated with the class of 2026, students are required to complete the Wellness Education program. Physical Education activities and courses will continue to count towards the Wellness Education program as will new wellness course offerings. There is no longer a swim requirement for graduation.

The purpose of the Physical Education Department is to provide students with the opportunity to experience a variety of activity courses and, in turn, to appreciate the importance of the healthy body/healthy mind connection. It is our goal to introduce undergraduates to a wide range of lifetime sports and activities so that they may benefit from them throughout their adult lives.

Students who participate in an intercollegiate, club sport or the Marching Band may receive credit for that activity during the terms in which they participate.  The Outdoor Programs Office and Dartmouth Outing Club offer a variety of classes, activities and clubs that may earn credit. Participation in many of the COSO dance groups may also provide the opportunity for PE credit.

Physical Education Activities

Sports skills and fitness classes include cardio and aerobics classes, yoga, spinning, strength training, pilates, martial arts, zumba, modern dance, skating, golf, fly fishing, tennis, table tennis, beginning swimming, racquetball, squash. Taking advantage of the Dartmouth Skiway and Dartmouth Yacht Club, ski and snowboard classes are offered in the winter and sailing classes in the summer.

OPO and DOC offerings include kayaking, canoeing, wilderness first aid, hiking, mountain biking, rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, organic farming, Ski Patrol and Timber Team.

Intramural Athletics: The Intramural Program is open to the entire student body. Competition in more than thirty activities is organized for three divisions female, male, and open and Leagues that are competitive or recreational in nature. Teams in the different seasonal activities are organized by residence halls, fraternities, sororities, House communities, groups of friends, affinity groups, graduate students, staff, faculty, and administrators. It is the goal of the Intramural Program to organize a constructive, recreational program that provides sporting opportunities for every student, and encourages a spirit of participation, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.