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MUS 37 Songwriting 2: Making the Album

This course will focus on the process of composing and recording a collection of original songs. We will look at the emergence of the “album” as relates to the evolution of recording technologies and the craft of songwriting while each student will hone in on their own compositional voice. Over the course of the term students will explore albums across multiple platforms, time periods and genres, while composing and recording their own collection of original songs. We will also study recording fundamentals including mic placement, tracking, editing, mixing, equalization, compression, reverb and delay. The final project of this course will be a three to five song EP created by each student as a solo project or collaboration. The course is open to music makers of all genres and aesthetic sensibilities.




MUS 25 or MUS 36 or permission of the instructor. Previous experience in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as Ableton, ProTools or Logic is necessary for this course.

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