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MES 15.01 The Craft of Fiction: A Masterclass with Alaa Al Aswany

Fiction presents an abundance of rich and creative possibilities. Through the magic of imagination, fiction takes us deep inside worlds and into the lives of characters. This course trains students to recognize the qualities that make for spellbinding fiction, including the natural rhythm and tone, mapping the structure, and shaping the content. The Art of Fiction course teaches the essential elements of sketching a story, creating a great opening, devising structure and plot twists, incorporating tension, implementing flashback and viewpoint, and mastering the art of dialogue. Students learn techniques of crafting a story, originating colorful characters, and developing ways of bringing imagination and intrigue into a literary work. They will learn how their stories can be woven into unforgettable narratives by mastering rhythm, tempo, tone, and brevity. Students will explore the process of developing lively characters, mapping out a plot, describing realistic settings, adding subtext and layers of meaning, and penning captivating fiction.



Cross Listed Courses

CRWT 40.07

Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:LIT; WCult:NW

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