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MES 12.03 Egyptian Culture, Society, and Politics

This seminar will examine the cultural, social, and political life of modern Egypt. One way of examining this complex society is through revisiting Egypt’s struggle with modernity. From Mohamad Ali’s modernization program in the 19th century to the recent chanting for freedom in Tahrir Square, Egypt’s different social forces, state, and international partners have been shaping its modernity in different—sometimes contradictory—ways. This struggle transformed the political, economic, social and cultural landscape of the country, and continues to be the focal point of its unfolding drama. The spread of modern ideologies (nationalism, liberalism, socialism), the construction of Islamism, the reordering of social hierarchies and family structure, the transformation of norms and values, among other issues, are better understood when read as part of this long, twisted, and tormented march of modernity.



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Dist:SOC; WCult:W

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