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JWST 67.03 1967: The War That Never Ended

The June 1967 War was perhaps the single most important event in the history of the modern Middle East, fundamentally altering not only the geo-politics and ideologies of the region but also the lives of its peoples and their religious convictions. This interdisciplinary course will examine the war and its aftermath from the perspectives of Israelis, Palestinians, and Arabs with attention to the ways in which the war altered the Cold War and the self-understanding of Jews outside the State of Israel. How did post-World War II politics produce the march to war? How was the war experienced by the various actors? Why was it such a euphoric victory for the Israelis and a shattering defeat for the Arabs? How has its legacy haunted the politics, history, and culture of the region in the decades since? This course will examine a wide variety of source material, including films, fiction, memoirs, and historical accounts, to seek to answer some of these questions. Some background in the history of the modern Middle East and in modern Jewish history and religion would be helpful but is not required for this course.


Heschel and Smolin

Cross Listed Courses

MES 12.17

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Dist:INT or SOC; WCult:NW

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