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GOVT 96.03 Special Topics in Russia

This class will cover contemporary U.S.-Russian relations with a specific focus on the new age of information warfare.  We will cover electoral interference, cyberwar, propaganda and the perils of modern diplomacy.  We will do so with book and article readings, lectures, discussions, and guest talks.  We will also meet about one third of the time with Professor Gronas and his students to benefit from the perspective of an expert on Russian culture and language.  Students should come away from the course with a solid understanding of the challenges of information warfare, both defensive and offensive, between nuclear powers.  The course will begin with an introductory reading on modern Russia.  We will then move to specific topics in information warfare with a final reading on the perils of modern diplomacy between the U.S. and Russia in the contemporary context.  In most class sessions, students will be chosen to be discussion captains.  They will present additional material closely related to the assigned readings which help us understand the topics of study more thoroughly or from additional perspectives. Students will also complete an essay-based midterm and final exam based on the material covered in class. 



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Dist:INT; WCult:W

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