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GOVT 86.30 Current Research in Social/Political Philosophy

What kind of society should we aim to have? And why should we aim to have that kind of society as opposed to some other kind? And are there objectively right answers to these two previous questions, or are there ultimately only answers that are correct relative to a given social/historical framework? These three abstract questions have long been at the heart of social/political philosophy, from Aristotle and Plato to the present day. They are also questions that matter tremendously to a wide range of citizens in our increasingly globalized world: a world in which different societies, with different cultures, different social/political structures, and different moral values come into increased contact with other. This course will be focused on these three interconnected questions. It will be an advanced discussion-based seminar, and will involve multiple visiting speakers. All students will be expected to have at least two previous courses in philosophy or in political theory.


Muirhead, Plunkett

Cross Listed Courses

PHIL 50.21


Two government courses in political theory, or instructor permission

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