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GOVT 85.37 Resistance and Collaboration

This course explores the dynamics of resistance and collaboration in the context of foreign military occupation. Over the course of the quarter, students will delve into a number of complex political questions: Why do some individuals and groups collaborate with foreign occupiers while others risk their lives by joining resistance movements? What explains why resistance is widespread in some historical cases and relatively weak in others? Why do some resistance movements succeed whereas others fail? How should we understand the dynamics of insurgency and counterinsurgency in countries under foreign occupation? Finally, what are the long-term consequences of resistance and collaboration, and how are these phenomena remembered in countries that once suffered under occupation? In interrogating these questions, the course will draw on a wide range of historical cases, including Nazi, Soviet, and Japanese occupations during World War II, post-war U.S. occupations of Germany and Japan, and recent American occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.



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