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GOVT 85.16 The Causes and Prevention of Genocide and Mass Killing

This course examines genocide and other kinds of mass killing in historical and theoretical perspective. The course will begin by examining the debate over the concept of genocide. Then the course reviews psychological, sociological, and political perspectives on causes of genocide and mass killing. Next, the course examines a number of historical episodes of genocide and mass killing including the Holocaust, the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, mass killings by communist states in China, the Soviet Union and Cambodia, and episodes involving the mass killing of civilian populations during war. Finally, the course addresses the question of what measures the United States and the international community should take to limit or prevent genocide and mass killing in the future. For example, should the international community use military force to prevent genocide if necessary?  Will institutions like the international criminal court help to deter genocide and mass killing?



Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:INT or SOC

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