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GOVT 84.36 The Future of the International Order

This course will consider the future of the modern international order — the system of institutions, partnerships, rules, and norms that emerged at the end of the Second World War and evolved at the end of the Cold War. Scholars and practitioners debate how much of an “order” it actually is or ever was, how “liberal” it is or ever was, and how “global” it is or ever was. But there is widespread consensus that it has reached an inflection point — that the system will look different twenty years from now than it does today. This course will examine the debates over what that future will and should look like, and in particular what steps need to be taken to improve the international order’s capacity with respect to its three core functions: (1) to manage disputes and reduce violent conflict, (2) to mobilize action to address shared challenges like climate change, and (3) to establish rules of the road that govern interstate and transnational conduct in key areas, from trade to nuclear proliferation. To this end, we will look at changes in the distribution of power between states (including the rise of China), the diffusion of power beyond states (including the role of technology), and the crisis of governance within states (including the rise of populism and nationalism). By the end of the semester, students will develop their own perspectives on where they think the international order is headed, where it should be headed, as well as implications for U.S. foreign policy.

Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:INT or SOC

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