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GOVT 84.35 U.S. – Latin America Relations: The Dynamic of Foreign Policy Formulation

This course examines how different forms of collective identity—including class, race, ethnicity, indigeneity and gender—have shaped Latin American and Latino politics in the 20th and 21st centuries. We will focus on a range of cases in Latin America and the U.S. to address the following questions: In what ways does the state create and sustain certain categories of identity as the basis for political inclusion and exclusion? What explains changes in the political salience of certain categories of collective identity? Why do some identities become politically salient and others do not? How have forms of political representation changed over the past century? How does state policy affect the ability of groups to mobilize and press for demands? How do organized groups affect state policy? What are the possibilities and limitations of identity-based mobilization?  



Cross Listed Courses

LACS 50.11

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Dist:INT; WCult:W

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