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ENGL 64.04 Jacques Lacan and Psychoanalytic Thought

This course is an introduction to the teachings of Jacques Lacan, a French psychoanalyst who turned to the texts of Sigmund Freud in order to bring back to psychoanalysis the radicality of its intervention. In the course, we will read some of the key texts in Lacan’s Ecrits alongside excerpts from his seminars as well as commentaries on his writings by prominent Lacanians, including but not limited to, Jacques-Alain Miller and Slavoj Zizek. The course is located at the intersection of literature, psychoanalysis, and critical theory and will act both as introduction to psychoanalytic thought as well as its unique development by Lacan. The psychoanalytic texts will be supplemented by reference to filmic texts, including: Psycho (dir. Hitchcock, 1960), Shame (dir. Mcqueen, 2011), and Black Swan (dir. Aronofsky, 2010).

Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:TMV; WCult:W

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