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ENGL 54.17 Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

This class will stage an encounter between psychoanalysis and philosophy, introducing students to both fields by placing them side by side. Drawing on the complementary expertises of the two-person teaching team, weekly readings will pair at least two texts, including one from each primary field, to illuminate similarities and differences between psychoanalytic theory on the one hand and philosophical concepts on the other, noting where appropriate the mutual influence of the two fields. Because psychoanalysis is also a clinical practice, this interdisciplinary encounter raises the question of the practical dimension of philosophical thought, and we will ask about philosophy’s potential impact on lived experience, as well as whether the practice of psychoanalysis remains a valuable mode of treatment or an aid to everyday living. To help organize the broad questions at the intersections of psychoanalysis and philosophy, we will divide the class loosely into four thematic units, the unconscious, Oedipus, interpretation, and transference. Class will proceed mostly through guided discussion; assignments will include reading responses plus midterm and final papers, with opportunities for additional credit so that students might pursue their own interests within the course subject matters.

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COCO 034

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Dist:TMV; WCult:W

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