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ENGL 51.04 Stories At the Edge of the World: Conquest and Contact in the Age of Shakespeare

When did the world become global? Living an age of commerce and contact, the writers of Shakespeare's England were also diplomats, explorers, soldiers, colonizers, and cosmopolitans. They composed poems and plays with one hand and foreign dispatches with the other, each time wondering at the encounters and tensions of a rapidly expanding world. In this course, we'll explore stories of borderlands, wildernesses, colonies, voyages, and migration. As we read widely in literature and travel narratives—including Shakespeare's defense of refugees from the forgotten play, Sir Thomas More—we'll consider what these borderlands and exchanges offer the early modern imagination and what they looked like in reality. Along the way, we'll be challenged to consider how we tell stories about marginalized people and contested spaces in our own rapidly globalizing time. 

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Dist:LIT; WCult:W

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