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COSC 89.23 Network Science and Complex Systems

Many of the systems that surround us are complex. These systems span almost every scientific field of inquiry, from biological to social, and computational sciences. To understand the behavior of complex systems, we must study not only the parts but the emergent behavior that arises from such systems when the parts act together. Complex systems are by definitions highly interconnected, therefore, at the core of studying complex systems is understanding networks. This seminar is an introduction to the main concepts of networks and complex systems, and their applications. The topics covered in this course will include: network topologies, network dynamics, motifs, dynamic systems, attractors, and chaos. The seminar mainly involves reading and discussing seminal, and ongoing, works in this field, but we will also be doing hands-on modeling and studying toy and real networks using Python.




COSC 10; Math 3, adequate knowledge of probability and statistics through a course such as COSC 74 or Math 10.

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