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COSC 84 Mathematical Optimization and Modeling

Planning, scheduling, and design problems in large organizations, economic or engineering systems can often be modeled mathematically using variables satisfying linear equations and inequalities. This course explores these models: the types of problems that can be handled, their formulation, solution, and interpretation. It introduces the theory underlying linear programming, a natural extension of linear algebra that captures these types of models, and also studies the process of modeling concrete problems, the algorithms to solve these models, and the solution and analysis of these problems using a modeling language. It also discusses the relation of linear programming to the more complex frameworks of nonlinear programming and integer programming. These paradigms broaden linear programming to respectively allow for nonlinear equations and inequalities, or for variables to be constrained to be integers.


COSC 1 or ENGS 20; COSC 70/70.01 (formerly COSC 11), or MATH 22 or MATH 24; or permission of the instructor.

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