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COSC 69.15 Robotics Perception Systems

This seminar course focuses on the issues and approaches to process and fuse data from robotics perception systems to enable robot autonomy, e.g., self-driving cars. The course will be very hands-on: some preliminary assignments will immerse you in the robotics world and how to process the sensor data for situational awareness. Through selected papers taken from the literature, students will learn different aspects of robotics perception systems, including computer vision, simultaneous localization and mapping, and machine learning. In addition, students will learn how to critically analyze a paper and how to effectively communicate a research work, by writing a summary on each paper, and presenting and discussing papers in class. Towards the end, students will work in a team on a final project that involves the use of a mobile robot with an RGBD camera and LIDAR. The professor will draw from his experiences in robotic research to enrich the material with aspects of active research problems, such as robot exploration for search and rescue and environmental coral reef monitoring using underwater robots.


COSC 70/70.01 (formerly COSC 11). COSC 50 is recommended.

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