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COSC 69.14 Functional Programming in Haskell

This course teaches a different approach to programming. In functional programming, we treat programs like values. The type of that value tells you what the program might do and restricts the possible buggy programs that don’t do what you want them to do. In Haskell, you direct the type system to help improve your productivity, and your code’s maintainability, by ensuring that certain bugs yield uncompilable code. Haskell programming is a recommended skill, regardless of whether you have a direct need for it. Programming in Haskell is not difficult, but has a steep learning curve when attempting to learn it on your own. Hence this course won’t be easy, but it will help you through the difficult part. We use the latest GHC compiler, which is the most commonly used Haskell compiler in industry.


COSC 10. COSC 30 is recommended.

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