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COSC 61 Database Systems

This course studies the management of large bodies of data or information. This includes schemes for the representation, manipulation, and storage of complex information structures as well as algorithms for processing these structures efficiently and for retrieving the information they contain. This course will teach the student techniques for storage allocation and deallocation, retrieval (query formulation), and manipulation of large amounts of heterogeneous data. Students are expected to program and become involved in a project in which they study important aspects of a database system: ways to organize a distributed database shared by several computers; transactions that are processed locally and globally; robustness guarantees of the stored data against failure; security and data integrity guarantees from unauthorized access; privacy; object-oriented schemes for multimedia data; indexing, hashing, concurrency control, data mining, data warehousing, mobile databases and storage file structures.


COSC 50 or equivalent, as approved by instructor.

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