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COLT 70.06 Computational Comparative Literature

There are around 7,000 languages spoken across the world, yet only 500 of these are used in the digital world and even fewer are supported by fundamental digital infrastructures. Computational methods for analyzing language are being implemented across a growing range of domains, but do those methods work equally well for all types of languages and texts? And how can these methods be combined with existing ways of reading to illuminate how language works, what we can do with language, and what language does to us? In this course, we will apply insights from cultural studies and comparative literature to investigate how history, language, and culture shape our digital practices. We will develop a comparative and cultural critical perspective on digitization and text analysis practices as we learn about and contrast different methods of analyzing modern languages and literatures. No prior experience of programming, statistics or literary theory and criticism is expected.



Cross Listed Courses

QSS 30.22

Degree Requirement Attributes

Lang:LRP; Dist:INT or LIT

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