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ANTH 12.19 Crossing Over: Latino Roots and Transitions

This course focuses on the histories and experiences of Latinx transnational migrants—from Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba—living in the United States.  You will study the historical, political, and economic processes that have led to these migrations, as well as the varying ways in which race/ethnicity, class, gender/sexuality, and citizenship affect Latinx migrant lived experience.  Given our focus on “crossing,” readings will foreground subjects that capture this theme, from the literal movement of people, to the constant back and forth that shapes Latinx lives, to the adjustments Latinx people make given their language, their proximity to other immigrants and communities of color, and their varying acceptance within the United States.



Cross Listed Courses

LATS 044 SOCY 043

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Dist:SOC; WCult:CI

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