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ANTH 12.18 Anthropology and the Forensic Sciences

Forensic anthropology is the application of the science of anthropology and its subfields, including Biological (physical) Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology (Ethnology), and Archaeology, in a legal setting. Traditionally the forensic anthropologist will assist law enforcement agencies in the retrieval and identification of unidentified human remains. This course will introduce the student to various anthropological sub-disciplines used in the fields of forensics, including: (1) search for clandestine burials; (2) excavation and retrieval of human remains; (3) identification of human remains (sex, age, race, cause of death, and pathology); (4) handling of evidence; (5) interaction with law enforcement agencies; (6) presentation of data, results and evidence; (7) review of forensic and anthropological case studies; and (8) guest lectures.

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