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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2023-24

Cancer Biology - Graduate

Program Director: Steven Leach

Program Chair: Steven Fiering

Professors B.C. Christensen (Epidemiology, Community and Family Medicine and Molecular and Systems Biology), M.D. Cole (Molecular and Systems Biology), D.A. Compton (Biochemistry and Cell Biology), S.N. Fiering (Microbiology and Immunology), S.A. Gerber (Molecular and Systems Biology and Biochemistry and Cell Biology), S.D. Leach (Molecular and Systems Biology, Surgery, and Medicine); Associate Professors A.N. Kettenbach (Biochemistry and Cell Biology), T.W. Miller (Molecular and Systems Biology), P.A. Pioli (Microbiology and Immunology), K.S. Samkoe (Engineering and Surgery); Assistant Professors A.B. Gaur (Neurology), B.W. Lau (Pediatrics), A. McKenna (Molecular and Systems Biology), K. Pointer (Radiation Oncology), L. Salas (Epidemiology), P.C. Rosato (Microbiology and Immunology), S. Zhao (Biomedical Data Sciences), X. Wang (Molecular and Systems Biology)


All MCB component programs including CANB require that students complete a set of common requirements for their degree, including:

  • Three research rotations (Fall, Winter, Spring of the first year).
  • Three terms of MCB core courses (Fall, Winter, Spring of the first year).
  • One term of a teaching assistantship.*
  • One ethics course.
  • An on-topic (thesis-related) qualifying examination consisting of a written proposal and an oral defense.
  • Three advanced elective courses from the approved elective list.
  • Attendance at and participation in Journal Club meetings in 3 out of 4 terms each year.
  • Attendance at MCB program functions.
  • Preparation, presentation (seminar and defense), and submission of a thesis.

Complete rules can be found at:  

* this requirement may be waived for students who transfer into MCB from another program, subject to approval by the MCB Graduate Committee.

In addition to the above requirements, CANB requires that students complete:

  • Cancer Biology (CANB 126) as one of the advanced courses.

  • Introductory Applied Biostatistics with R (CANB 103) as one of the advanced courses.

  • Attendance at ≥75% of CANB Student Seminar Series events, and presentation of a seminar annually (subject to schedule availability and at the discretion of the CANB Executive Committee). These events will be held approximately once every other week, but no more than once per week, to provide seminar presentation opportunities for all CANB students.