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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Temporary Transcript Designations

There are various circumstances in which the final grade in a course cannot be submitted by the instructor during the usual period immediately following the end of the final examination period. Three different designations, I (Incomplete), ON (On-Going), or AD (Administrative Delay), may appear temporarily on the end of term grade reports and on transcripts, depending on the circumstances, as described below.

There is no grade of Incomplete. Incomplete is a temporary notation placed on a student’s record to indicate that the work in a course has not yet been completed and therefore a grade has not yet been submitted by the instructor. The assignment of Incomplete in a course may be made only by the Dean of the College4 upon request of the student and the instructor. Failure to complete a course on time without prior approval by the Dean will result in the grade of E. Generally speaking, an Incomplete is approved when there are circumstances that are judged to be beyond reasonable control by the student.

4 Although the original vote of the Faculty was specific, all of the Deans in the Undergraduate Deans Office are qualified to act in the context of Incompletes.

If the request is based on such an academic reason as an unanticipated difficulty in obtaining sources or the failure of a critical experiment, the student should consult first with the instructor. Approval by the instructor of the student’s request should be in writing and should set forth the circumstances. This document should then be sent directly to the Dean of the College.

If the request for an Incomplete is based on non-academic reasons (illness, unavoidable absence, etc.), the student should make it directly to the Dean of the College who will grant or deny the request after consultation with the instructor in the course.

All Incompletes are granted for a specific period to be established jointly by the student and the instructor with the concurrence of the Dean of the College. If the student fails to complete the work of the course within the agreed period and no extension is granted, the instructor reports the appropriate grade for the student based on the student’s performance, no credit being allowed for the fraction of the work not turned in. If the instructor fails to report a grade, the Dean, after consultation with the instructor, the department or program chairman, or both, may ask the Registrar to record the grade of E (or in courses offered on the Credit/No Credit basis, the final standing of NC). Extensions of time beyond the original deadline are granted only in exceptional cases. A request for an extension must be received by the Dean of the College before the established period has expired and are granted or denied after consultation with the instructor.

NOTE: All requests for the temporary standing of Incomplete must be received by the Dean of the College on or before the last day of the corresponding examination period.

The designation ON (On-Going) may be used on transcripts when the assignments of a single course necessarily extend beyond the limit of a single term. Examples of such circumstances are certain senior honors courses where the work in a preliminary course cannot be evaluated until a second term of a thesis or other project is completed.  It is also used for certain Music courses where three (3) terms are required to complete the course whereupon one credit is earned in the final term.

The ORC/Catalog course description indicates those courses in which a grade of "ON" may be assigned.  Grades for any course not having such permission must be assigned at the end of the term in which the course is offered. For ongoing courses, except for Music courses described above, the first term of a two term ongoing grade is replaced with same final grade as the final term when no other grade has been assigned. Students may receive no more than 2 credits for a single on-going course.  In the case where the "ON" is assigned for certain 3-term Music courses and a single credit is earned, the grade is earned, and the course load is applied in the final term only.

The designation AD (Administrative Delay) may be used on transcripts when the grades of one or more students in a course cannot be reported on time due to administrative or personal factors, but where the use of an Incomplete is not appropriate. Examples of such circumstances are a serious illness of the instructor at the time grades are due, or delays in receiving grades from Off-Campus programs. Requests for use of this designation, including an agreement on the date when the final grades will be submitted, will be made by the instructor or Chair to the Registrar.