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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

Regulations Covering Payment of Student Account Charges

Account statements for tuition, room, and board will be available on D-Pay, Dartmouth’s electronic billing and payment system, approximately six weeks before the beginning of each term. When the account statement is available, an electronic mail message is sent to the student and anyone else authorized by the student. Payment is due approximately 25 days after the statement is available; the exact due date will be indicated on the statement. If payment is not made by the specified due date, a late charge equal to 1.5% of the amount payable will be assessed.

No student will be permitted to enroll for any term unless the total amount due, including tuition, room rent, and applicable board charges has been paid in full.

The flexibility of the Dartmouth Plan makes it possible for an upper-class student, through a change in term patterns, to incur a tuition charge or other charges after statements have been produced. In such instances, since tuition, room charges, and dining plan charges are fixed or determined prior to the start of the term, the student must pay these charges by the payment deadline established even though a statement reflecting the charges may not have been produced and made available.

All students enrolled at the College have an account in their name through which tuition, room and board, and other costs of attendance are billed. Periodic account statements reflecting charges and credits posted to this account will be available on D-Pay. Financial aid awards which have been confirmed and documented, but not posted to the student’s bill, can be considered as anticipated credits in calculating the balance due and any known when the statement is produced will be reflected on the statement. All necessary steps for processing such awards must be met before they will be accepted as deductions.

No transcript of a student’s record will be issued until amounts due the College have been paid, nor will a senior receive a diploma until all College and community financial commitments have been met. In instances where a student’s account becomes delinquent through flagrant neglect, the student may be subject to disciplinary action. In such cases no credit will be allowed for the work of terms to which the unpaid charges relate until all overdue charges are paid in full.

In those instances where a personal check or online payment is offered in payment of charges on a student’s account and the check or on-line payment is not honored, a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25) will be assessed. If the returned check or rejected on-line payment was the means of meeting an amount due or registration deadline, the deadline will not be considered met and the appropriate penalties relating to failure to meet the deadline may be assessed. The College reserves the right to demand payment by money order, certified check, or other mode of payment acceptable to the College in instances of repeat offenders. Additionally, flagrant or habitual offenders may be subject to disciplinary action.