Office of the Registrar
Campus Address
Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-xxxx
Fax: (603) 646-xxxx
Email: reg@Dartmouth.EDU

Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

Academic Administrators

Phillip J. Halon, Ph.D., President
David F. Kotz (1991) Ph.D., Interim Provost, Pat and John Rosenwald Professorship, Professor of Computer Science
Elizabeth F. Smith (1998) Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, The Paul M. Dauten, Jr. Professorship, Professor of Biological Sciences
John M. Carey (2003) Ph.D., Associate Dean for the Social Sciences, John Wentworth Professorship in the Social Sciences, Professor of Government
Matthew F. Delmont (2018) Ph.D., Guarini Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Programs and International Studies, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professorship in Emerging Fields, Professor of History
Samuel S. Levey (1997) Ph.D., Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities, Professor of Philosophy
Jane E. G. Lipson (1987) Ph.D., Associate Dean for the Sciences, Albert W. Smith Professorship in Chemistry
F. Jon Kull (2001) Ph.D., Dean of School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, Rogers Professorship, Professor of Chemistry
Kathryn J. Lively (2002) Ph.D., Dean of the College, Professor of Sociology
Mary Lou Aleskie (2017) Howard L. Gilman '44 Director of the Hopkins Center
Jason Barabas (2020) Ph.D., Director of Rockefeller Center and Professor of Government
Sonu S. Bedi (2007) Ph.D., Hans '80 and Kate Morris Director of the Ethics Institute, Joel Parker 1811 Professorship in Law and Political Science, Professor of Government
Rebecca E. Biron (2006) Ph.D., Director of the Leslie Center, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Lee Coffin (2016) Ed.M., Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Mitchel W. Davis (2017) B.A., Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information, Technology &Consulting
James E. Dobson (2012) Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing
Christianne Hardy, Interim Director fo the Dickey Center
Daveen Litwin (2016) M.A., Rabbi, Dean and Chaplain of the William Jewett Tucker Center
Susanne Mehrer (2016) M.B.A., Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College
Eric Parsons (2016) M.P.A., Registrar for the Arts and Sciences
Scott D Pauls (2001) Ph.D., Director of the Dartmouth Center for for the Advancement of Learning, Professor of Mathematics
Daniel N. Rockmore (1991) Ph.D., Director of the Neukom Institute, William H. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Peter P. Roby (2021) M.S., Interim Director of Athletics and Recreation
John Stomberg (2016) Ph.D., Virginia Rice Kelsey 1961s Director of the Hood Museum of Art
Elizabeth Joan Wilson (2017) Ph.D., Director of the Irving Institute, Professor of Environmental Studies
James E. Dobson (2012) Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing