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The John Sloan Dickey Center For International Understanding

Interim Director: Christianne Hardy

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The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding unites the many strengths of Dartmouth — its students, faculty, undergraduate and professional schools — in addressing the world’s challenges and ensuring that a rigorous understanding of the world is an essential part of the Dartmouth experience. The Center honors the commitment to international understanding and social responsibility exemplified by President John Sloan Dickey’s lifetime devotion to liberal arts education, scholarship and values.

The Dickey Center offers students opportunities for expanding their knowledge of international issues through an interdisciplinary minor in International Studies, international internships and research grants, and the opportunity to join student organizations and publications focused on foreign affairs. Students may further refine their international studies with courses and activities in one or more of five areas: global security and conflict (War and Peace Studies Fellows Program), polar science and environmental change (Institute of Arctic Studies), global health (the Global Health Initiative), gender in foreign affairs (the IMHER Initiative), and development (the Human Development Initiative). 

Through symposia, conferences, public events, a postdoctoral fellows program, and extended visits by practitioners and scholars in the Dickey Visiting Fellows Program, the Center brings the vital issues of the day to campus. It enhances the intellectual life of the faculty through its support of faculty research and publications, and brings new opportunities to students through international studies.

The Center’s multidisciplinary approach to complex issues is exemplified by the diversity of programming, experiential education opportunities, and scholarship offered by its institutes and initiatives. The Institute of Arctic Studies within the Dickey Center is home to interdisciplinary scholarship in polar environmental science and engages the work of scientists, humanists, indigenous communities, and policy makers. The Global Health Initiative, where students may choose to fulfill requirements for a Global Health Certificate, is a collaborative enterprise with Geisel School of Medicine that marshals the talents of the entire campus and international partners to address global health concerns. In its quest to understand the phenomenon of collective violence, the War and Peace Studies program incorporates the study of both the global state system as well as the varieties of human conflict, drawing on a range of fields and disciplines. The Human Development Initiative hosts an on-campus program series and supports student internships and research opportunities with Dartmouth faculty. Gender issues have been developed across all of the initiatives and currently focus on global women’s empowerment – above all in field of menstrual health - gender equality, and girls’ education.

The Center benefits from the advice of a distinguished Board of Visitors. The offices of the Dickey Center are located on the first floor of the Haldeman Center.