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SART 17.18 Art & Activism

This course will look at various international and domestic artists to examine how contemporary visual art can be a form of social activism.
Instead of working in one medium, students will have the opportunity to experiment with multiple media like drawing, painting, digital photography & collage, and video. The focus of the course will be on art practices in the context of social activism and its potential to interrupt conventions surrounding history, culture, identity and politics. In the spirit of its subject, students will utilize a range of media with the goal of visualizing the relation between medium and concept, art and thought, self and world.
Some of the questions we will be asking are: how do we identify issues and formulate questions in visual terms?  What are the advantages and disadvantages, limitations and possibilities of each medium? How do we make aesthetic choices based on a particular subject? And to what extend do materials and artistic practices have an impact on our ideas? Supplemental course fee required

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