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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2020-21

RUSS 38.01 The Sound of Silence: A Chekhov Writing Workshop

Anton Chekhov, one of the key figures in modern drama, once described the challenge for a playwright thusly: “People dine, they simply just dine, while their happiness is made and their lives are smashed.” With that thought in mind, we will read Chekhov’s major plays in this class to discover, through a series of creative exercises and discussion of the plays themselves (as well as their most prominent productions and film adaptations), just what it is that makes Chekhov’s plays distinctive. Course participants will then be asked to script their own one-act plays using the Chekhovian style. Participants will work on their scripts in collaboration with their classmates and with the professors, moving from preliminary to completed drafts. The class will then culminate in the presentation of all the plays in an evening of stage readings.

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