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NAS 28 Native Americans and Sports

In this course, students will explore, through intensive research, writing, and discussion, important contemporary, historical, and cultural issues related to Native Americans and sports. From time immemorial, sports have been many different things to the Indigenous peoples of North America: sacred/religious activity, entertainment, a form of warfare, an opportunity for education/social mobility, and a vehicle for fame/celebrity. By learning about the deep connections Native Americans have to five sports—lacrosse, running, football, basketball, and “alternative” sports (skateboarding, golf, and mixed martial arts)—students will gain a more profound understanding of the Native American experience in North America. Students will gain a greater knowledge of the importance of sports for Native Americans across wide geographies and chronologies. Students will also learn how Native Americans’ relationship to sports has changed over time. Most importantly, students will engage in a significant research project on a topic of their choosing related to Native Americans and sports.



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