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MUS 26 Sound Synthesis

Want to sculpt otherworldly sounds from thin air? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of the basic elements of sound while diving into a world of lush, surprising, chaotic, soothing, and original sonic soup? This course explores the properties of sound synthesis as a tool for artistic and compositional practice. Tracing the concept of synthesis to its origins as electronic music innovation, the class will provide students a container in which to experiment with creating complex artistic content by focusing on tone, filters, harmonics, and modulation. Through weekly readings, students will explore conceptual and historical analysis of sound synthesis with specific attention to the false dichotomy between the “synthetic” and “natural”. Listening assignments focus on historic and contemporary artists who are expanding the listening field to include a vast hybrid of interconnected, varied, and dynamic content. Examples of student projects include creating digital instruments from field recordings, filtering tones with physical objects, building additive and subtractive synths from scratch, and developing digitally dense sonic ecosystems.


MUS 25 or consent of instructor.

Distributive and/or World Culture

Dist:ART; WCult:W

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