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MUS 27.01 Emerging Musical Theater

A musical tells a story with words and music. Beyond those basic parameters, any limitations around what a musical can and cannot be are up for debate. This multi-disciplinary class is open to composers, lyricists, songwriters, playwrights, directors, actors, singers, dancers, poets and musicians of any background. The objective is to investigate the form of the musical through the lens of sonic arts. In addition to looking at the past present and future of American musical theater we will engage a broad exploration musical storytelling, across many aesthetic sensibilities and time periods. The class requires weekly creative output in addition to reading and listening outside of class.  Students must be willing to work across the boundaries of their own disciplines to generate lyrics, melodies and scenes. The class will establish a generous inter-disciplinary working environment which values creative risks, collaboration and inventiveness.



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THEA 10.28

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