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MATH 5.04 Fundamental Applied Mathematics for the Sciences

Mathematics is the language of science. However, mathematics preparation for most science students typically involves only the study of calculus at the university level. While many scientific problems involve calculus, two other areas of mathematics are equally (if not more) important: linear algebra and probability. For example, linear algebra is fundamental to stoichiometry and the conservation of matter in chemistry, hydrology and atmospheric dynamics in earth sciences, and cell growth and population dynamics in biology. Moreover, most features of the natural world are probabilistic and frequently best described by probability models, such as the firing of neurons in the brain or the timing of earthquakes. Both are also central to all problems in statistics. This course will explore the application of linear algebra and probability to problems across the sciences. We will cover the basics of solving linear algebra and probability problems as well as formulating simple models to describe and analyze natural phenomena from across the sciences.

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