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LACS 50.08 Commodities, Globalization, and Development in Latin America

The course traces the economics history of Latin America since 1870 by highlighting the different stages in macro-policy (export-led growth, import substitution industrialization, current models juxtaposed) and by focusing on the role of commodities in the national and regional developmental process. Specific commodities to be studied include silver, guano, nitrates, coffee, sugar, cereals, beef, henequen, rubber, cocaine, and oil. Topics will be covered more or less chronologically, with the last classes analyzing current developments. Particular attention will be paid to the larger economies of the region (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela) and the development strategies they pursued. The course will take on the issues of why Latin America has failed to reach levels of development achieved by industrialized countries in Europe and Asia and what can be done to achieve sustained development.



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GOVT 40.15

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