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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

LACS 30.15 Media and the Activist Amazon

The course will foreground the role of Indigenous peoples in defending the Amazon while also investigating pressing issues such as extractivism and land demarcation. Texts from fields including anthropology, sociology, visual studies, and architecture will provide an interdisciplinary approach to media objects that range from a Netflix series about a detective who reads the forest to a virtual reality piece that allows you to become a kapok tree in Madre de Dios.



Distributive and/or World Culture

Dist:SOC; WCult:NW

The Timetable of Class Meetings contains the most up-to-date information about a course. It includes not only the meeting time and instructor, but also its official distributive and/or world culture designation. This information supersedes any information you may see elsewhere, to include what may appear in this ORC/Catalog or on a department/program website. Note that course attributes may change term to term therefore those in effect are those (only) during the term in which you enroll in the course.