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FILM 47.06 Audio-Vision: Film, Music, Sound

This interdisciplinary course explores the intersection of Film, Music and Sound, navigating alternatively through the history of film and music from both perspectives, proposing a dual approach to film and music, imaging and sound. The course alternates topics of cinema, music and sound and requires extensive viewing and listening, weekly readings and class discussions.
Topics ranging from sound experiments of the early avant-garde, through Visual Music, visual sound, audiovisual arts, experimental audiovisual installations and live arts practices will be studied along classic Hollywood, European and Asian films. Focusing on the connections between filmmakers, composers and artists, while tracing the evolution of audio-vision and its interconnections with music composition and sound innovation. The course structure is a double helix interconnected history of film and modern music from 1895 till today.

Cross Listed Courses

COCO 016 MUS 17.03

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Dist:ART; WCult:NW

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