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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

ENGS 14 The Science and Engineering of Music

Almost everyone enjoys some forms of music, but few are familiar with the science and engineering that make music possible.  In this course students are invited to explore the making of music from technical and scientific perspectives.  In particular this covers aspects of acoustics, the workings of musical instruments, and selected aspects of musical theory and audio engineering.  Students in the course explore music with many in-class demonstrations and hands-on experimentation.  Course topics include how sound is recorded and stored digitally, the composition of sound from a musician's point of view (pitch, chords, harmony and melody) and from an engineer's point of view (frequency, harmonics).  The relationships between these two perspectives are then explored.  This course does not require proficiency in either music or any particular instrument. Enrollment is limited to 75 students.



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