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COLT 52.07 Beyond Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll: Radical Latinxs in the 60’s

The 1960s and 70s were a time of tremendous political and creative turmoil in the US in general and for Latinos in particular. Joining in the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-Vietnam mobilization, Latinos also fought for their rights founding important political organizations such as the Raza Unida Party; MeCHA, the United Farm Workers, the Brown Berets, the Nuyorican Young Lords Party, among many others. Beyond traditional stereotypes of the 60s as the period of drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll, protesters and political activists were inordinately adept at creating and mobilizing artistic symbols, music, and literature to promote their agenda. We will study the creation of Aztlán as an imaginary Chicano homeland in the Southwest; works of individual Latino artists and writers; important journals (Con Safos, Chismearte, Arte del Varrio); organizations such as the Royal Chicano Air Force, Asco, Galería de la Raza, the Teatro Campesino, the Nuyorican Poets’ Café; national monuments such as Chicano Park; and exhibitions such as Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation (CARA; held at UCLA). This course will be taught entirely in English.



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LATS 051 SPAN 63.09

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