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ASCL 70.11 Catastrophe, Memory, and Narrative: Japanese and Jewish Responses to Atrocity

This course will examine Japanese and Jewish responses to twentieth-century atrocities.  We will pay close attention to how catastrophic events are mourned and memorialized through narrative. We will analyze eyewitness accounts of the events, memoirs, fiction, feature films and filmed testimonies, photography museum exhibits, etc.  We will discuss issues such as the nature of mourning and the process of mourning through art and culture; the memorializing of tragedy; the ethics of the representation of tragedy; revenge and survivor guilt.  Throughout, we will be asking about the possibilities, and the difficulties, of comparing responses by different cultures to different types of atrocities. This will require accounting for differences in religious belief, notions of psychology, and literary and artistic form.  Is the process of mourning universal? Are the responses to atrocity?  Is comparing the Japanese and Jewish cases ethically suspect? How does a nation that has victimized mourn its own victimization?


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