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ASCL 54.03 The City in Modern South Asia

South Asian cities are currently undergoing massive demographic and spatial transformations. These cannot be understood without a consideration of both the specific history of South Asia and a broader account of urban change. This course examines these changes in historical perspective and situates urban South Asia within a global context. How did colonial rule transform cities such as Delhi, Lahore, and Bombay? How were the differing ideologies of India and Pakistan mapped onto new capitals such as Chandigarh and Islamabad? How are ethnic pasts and techno futures reconciled in booming cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai? How are slums produced and what are the experiences of people living in them? What are the connections between the urban environment and political mobilization? We consider a range of sources, including scholarly literature, films, and short stories.



Cross Listed Courses

HIST 92.05

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