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ARTH 80.02 Advanced Seminar: Domes

Domes have graced the skyline of human settlements for over three millennia. The seminar commences with a traditional typological survey of domes, progresses to explore the theoretical foundations that informed their construction, and concludes by examining the social, cultural, and religious factors favoring (or discouraging) their development and proliferation. We will focus especially, but not uniquely, on ancient and medieval domes. Historically, domes have covered a range of buildings: from kilns to tombs, from bell-towers to latrines; however, they most famously crowned places of worship, burial or power. We will ponder: What is a dome? Which qualities define their identities? How and why has the knowledge of dome construction been transferred across time and cultures? What are important methodological considerations to consider as we approach the study of domes?



Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:ART; WCult:W

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