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ARTH 28.03 Vision and Reality: The Art of Northern Europe in the Fifteenth Century

 The fifteenth century in northern Europe is an amalgam of influences that form our idea of the modern. The concerns and styles of the Late Gothic are present, mixing with new forms of technology, such as printing or the perfection of oil painting techniques. The weakened grip of the Church contributes to the emerging emphasis on the individual that characterizes Early Modern art. The fifteenth century sees the rise of secular art, the concept of objective realism, the development of panel painting, the commercialization of prints, and the beginnings of independent portraiture. My goal is to give you the knowledge and skills that will enable you to understand and appreciate the nuances and complexity in fifteenth-century artworks wherever you encounter them. In addition to the mastery of scholarly materials, you will work on reading visual culture, practicing your writing skills and perfecting your oral communication.     Our focus will be on reception, context and invention.

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