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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

Associated Courses

Associated courses are those with a central focus on aspects of Africa and/or the African diaspora. These courses may be offered by various departments and programs. Associated courses, including those not on this list, may count toward a major or minor in AAAS. To obtain credit, students must petition the AAAS Steering Committee, outlining how their work in a particular course forms part of a coherent course of study in AAAS.

Environmental Studies 40, Foreign Study in Environment Problems I

Environmental Studies 42, Foreign Study in Environment Problems II

French 21: Introduction to Francophone Literature and Culture

French 70: Francophone Literature

Geography 16: The Political Economy of Development

Geography 27: Race, Identity and Rights

Geography 28: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity

Geography 25: Social Justice and the City

Geography 43: Geographies of Latin America

Government 25: Problems of Political Development: India, South Africa, and China

Government 86: Race, Law and Identity

History 96: Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in U.S. History

History 96.22: Topics in West African History

Music 4: Global Sounds

Music 51: Oral Tradition Musicianship

Psychological and Brain Sciences 53: Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination

Sociology 47: Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

Theater 10: Special Topics in Theater