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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

QBS 700 Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research

Required course for all Quantitative Biomedical Sciences graduate students. Generally consists of five two hour sessions as well as additional reading and preparation.

This course is part of a campus-wide series that provides training in professional research conduct and is required of all Dartmouth graduate students. QBS 700 covers issues regarding the responsible and ethical conduct of biomedical research, including topics in professionalism, authorship, mentoring, data collection, and rigor and reproducibility in the practice of science. The current curriculum was developed by the Graduate Studies Office in collaboration with the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth. In five sessions over the pre-term and the fall term, we will meet in smaller groups of first-year QBS MS & PhD graduate students to facilitate discussions on ethical dilemmas that biomedical scientists may encounter in their careers. Case studies will be used to provide a framework for discussions on ethical issues occurring in scientific research. This course seeks to coordinate basic training in professional ethics required of all Dartmouth graduate students with ethical training in the biomedical sciences required for NIH-sponsored research. The five sessions of the course will focus on topics related to NIH-sponsored research including ethical use of research subjects and intellectual property.


Dr. Kristine Giffin & Dr. John Brand


21F (annually)