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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

QBS 195 Independent Study

Independent study in QBS is structured to allow students to explore subject matter and enhance their knowledge in QBS related fields. This independent study for QBS students will count as an elective credit and is offered during each academic quarter. The arrangements and a course outline are to be developed between the student and a QBS faculty member prior to the start of the term as well as approved by QBS Administration a week before the end of the drop/add periodThe proposal should reflect 3.3 hours of instruction per week and a minimum of 6.6 hours of student work per week for the entirety of the quarter. The student and faculty will work together to structure the study program or project and set goals that are to be met by the end of the term. Please clearly define the framework for the project including identifying goals, timeline of expectations per week, and deliverables. The course of study may include, but is not limited to, literature review, seminar/workshop attendance & development, online course material, small projects, and presentations related to the specific field being studied. The faculty member is responsible for tracking and evaluating the student's progress in order to provide a grade to QBS Administration at the end of the quarter. Please email Dr. Kristine Giffin for more information.


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