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QBS 185 QBS Masters Capstone Experience

*Only open to QBS Masters students. Effective for Fall 2021 matriculants and beyond.

The goal of the capstone is to enable students to refine their skill set as they work on a research or applied data science, epidemiology or medical informatics project. The capstone also provides training in critical professional skills including scientific writing, presentation skills, and translating the findings of a research or applied project to key stakeholders who may not have expertise in the domain. Preparation for the capstone project begins in August of the first year and culminates in a written white paper and presentation at the end of the summer term. 

Note: Students will enroll in QBS 185.5 Capstone Preparation (0.5 unit) in the winter and spring quarters preceding the summer capstone.

Students may select from three tracks for their capstone. Tracks differ based on the summer term project. The pre-capstone work is required for all tracks. Students are expected to finalize their track selection in April. Tuition & Fees apply to all tracks.

  • Individual Project with Dartmouth PI: Students will match with an investigator at Dartmouth and will work on a research or applied project under the PI’s mentorship; the project may be supervised by a postdoctoral research fellow or doctoral candidate in the PI’s lab. For this option, residency at Dartmouth is required. Students are encouraged to submit a conference abstract in the fall on their capstone project.

  • Individual Project-Based External Experience: Students will complete an external internship. On-site internships with supervision may be with a for-profit company, governmental agency, non-profit organization, or another academic institution. For this option, residency at Dartmouth is not required.

  • Group Project: Students will work in small groups (2-3 students each) on a novel project of their own choosing. Students may develop their research project using publicly available data. QBS faculty will assist students in defining feasible projects and creating timelines and division of labor. QBS faculty and or a Dartmouth PI will oversee the work. For this option, residency at Dartmouth is required.

  • Students will work on their capstone full-time (3 units) during the summer term, whether in residence at Dartmouth or at an external company/institution.

  • Capstone offered during Summer only. Full Tuition & Fees apply

**International Students enrolled in QBS 185 are eligible to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to meet coursework requirements.

** Students can be paid or unpaid for external experiences. QBS Tuition & Fees still apply.

(3 Units)


Dr. Jennifer A. Emond, Dr. Aurora Drew, & Dr. Jeremiah Brown


QBS 185.5 (W & S) in the winter and spring quarters preceding the summer capstone. Programming: QBS 101 (F,W,S) preceding the summer capstone. Completion of all core courses for your declared concentration: Health Data Science, Epidemiology, or Medical Informatics


22 Summer, 23 Summer; Arrange